Accessories for cigars

Besides of a large variety of cigars, the Zigarren Herzog onlineshop offers you everything which makes the enjoyment of cigars more pleasant and stylish, since the enjoyment of a high-quality cigar has something very stylish for all cigar lovers. Therefore, cigar accessories serve not only for practical purposes, but also for style. If you think we have only few accessories, you are wrong—we have a great number of matching cigar accessories, such as humidors, lighters, cutters, ashtrays, cigar cases, etc..No matter you are a cigar beginner, or a cigar expert, you may find something suitable in our online shop.

Humidors & Humidifiers - for proper storage

One almost essential accessory for any cigar smoker is humidor. The word ''humidor'' comes from Latin and can be translated to ''wet''. As the name implies, it ensures the right humidity for storing cigars. Because only if an optimal climate condition is ensured, can the cigars keep their right consistency and taste for years. Humidors are available in several variants and designs, whether in high-quality wood or plastic, black or brown, expensive or inexpensive. Therefore, we recommend beginners to get a humidor in any case. If you want to carry a humidor with you while traveling, the Adorini Credo Reisehumidor would be a good choice.

The humidification element is another accessory without which the humidor would not work properly. They are available in analog and digital versions now. It is important that the humidifying elements are evenly distributed in the humidor to optimally distribute the moisture.

Cigar cases—for safe transport

Cigar case is another useful item. If you do not want to give up the pleasure of your favorite cigar on the move or while out, then a case for the cigar would be the perfect companion, because it ensures the proper protection of the cigar. Depending on the material, the case provides stability and protects against external influence. To help you find the right item for your cigars, many cigar brands not only offer selections of cigars, but also the correspondinig cases. From black to brown, from aluminum to wood—here, too, you can find a wide selection of materials and colors.

Cigar cutter and drill

Anyone who cultivately and stylishly smokes a cigar will cut off the end of the cigar, instead of biting or tearing it down. Such accessories of cigar cutter, or even cigar drill are used to cut the cigar correctly.

Lighters, lighter gas and matches

For every cigar lover, special cigar lighter and matches are also a must. Different from normal matches, cigar matches are made of extra-long wood chips. The purpose of this is to let the sulfur chunk burn down and then lead the wood to the cigar to light it. This prevents the transfer of sulfur to the cigar.

Literature & Journals around the cigar

As cigar lovers, we also stock literature on cigar in our online shop. Let such books as ''Only Cigars—Excite Stories for Cigar Lovers'' or ''El Tobaco Cubano Y Los'' inspire you!

Zigarren Herzog - cigar accessories from the dealer

Except such accessories as humidors, lighters, Zigarren Herzog also offers a variety of high-quality cigars from Cuba, Brazil, the Dominican Republic and many other countries. If you have questions about the right humidor or the right case for you cigar, please do not hesitate to contact our team by phone or email.

Find the right accessories today here to safely transport your cigars, to perfectly store them, or to stylishly smoke them. Embellish the pleasure of smoking itself and get a holistic taste experience through the accessories in our shop. The shipping of the purchased cigars and articles from our online shop is ensured to be as quickly as possible.

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