Zigarren Herzog offers a selection of cigar cases so that high-quality cigar formats such as Corona or Churchill can be safely transported from such countries as Cuba, the Dominican Republic or Nicaragua. When we are on the road or travelling, a cigar case is the perfect companion to store cigars. The case protects the cigar from such influences as moisture, temperature changes, or even bruises.

Even if a cigar case cannot replace a cigar cabinet or a humidor, it is still a good companion of your hand luggage. Your favorate cigar can be taken anywhere with the case, to gurantee the perfect smoking pleasure on the move. If it is more than two or three cigars, then we recommend a small Reisehumidor, such as the Adorini Credo Reisehumidor.

Cigar case-the perfect companion

Cigar cases have many different shapes and colors. So you can find a suitable case for every cigar. Usually a cigar case offers space for a single cigar, but there are also cases who provide spaces for 2 or 3 cigars, which are called 2-piece or 3-piece cigar cases.

The right material for every case

Cigar cases are available in many different colors and variants to make them fit to the cigars. So you can find cases made of wood, metal or leather. Cheap cigar cases are often made of synthetic leather, cheaper types of wood or aluminum. In the higher price segment of the cigar cases, you could find noble cases made of titanium, carbon or precious metals like silver. Except individual preference for appearance, it can be said that a case made of stainless steel or wood usually are more stable. Cheaper cigars cases made of synthetic leather or leather usually do not look so noble, but they can be adjusted.

Cigar cases of special brands

Many famous cigar brands not only offer cigars, but also their own matching cigar accessories. Sometimes even their own cases are produced for such popular formats as Corona or Churchill. Zigarren Herzog has, for example, several cigar cases designed for Cohiba cigars. Here you can find a very sturdy 3-piece Cohiba leather case for the Cohiba Siglo VI. For the 50th anniversary even a special 2-piece Cohiba leather case was brought to the market, namely, the fine black leather 50 Years 2-piece Cohiba Cigar Case.

Zigarren Herzog has the following small selection of cases:

Buy a cigar case from a cigar retailer

At Zigarren Herzog, besides cigar cases, you will find other items such as a noble Adorini humidor or various hygrometers, which could ensure a perfect storage of the cigars. If you have questions about the right cigar case, the right humidor, or the right humidification system, please feel free to contac us by phone or by email.

Find the right articles to make your transport of cigars on the road always safe, to ensure a holistic taste experience in every situation. Choose other accessories, such as cigar cutters, lighters, etc to complete the equipment.

The team of Zigarren Herzog always ensure the fastest shipping, so you can store your cigars fastest in a single, 2-piece, or 3-piece case.

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