Besides cigars, Zigarren Herzog also offers important cigar-related accessories—including humidors with a humidification system. A humidor is used for the correct storage of cigars. The word ''humidor''is derived from Latin and means ''moist''. This already tells a lot about the core function of a humidor, which is to ensure the proper moisture and thus for the ideal storage. Only in a humidor can the cigar be stored under perfect conditions. Even beginners of the cigar world should think about the purchase of an inexpensive humidor.

Humidor - the right look and shape

Humidors are made in the form of containers, caskets, cans or cupboards. Most humidors are made of wood. The outer surface are often provided with decorative wood veneers and the inside are often made of soft, untreated wood, such as the Spanish cedar. It is important that the wood is appropriately deposited and dried and the humidors are solidly made. In this way, the resining of the wood, the warping and bending of the wood elements could be saved later.

On the one hand, high-quality specimens, such as the humidors of Elie Bleu, use veneers made of real wood. On the other hand, in the case of inexpensive models, wood imitations are more likely to be used, such as plastic film, which stimulates the real wood under the paint and contributes to the more valuable appearance of the humidor.

Humidor use for the perfect care of cigars

The humidors should be placed in places that are protected from direct sunlight and not be in the immediate vicinity of a heating system. Regular openning of the humidors and checking of the humidity, especially in smaller humidors, are very important, and are part of the care of cigars. By opening the humidors, especially in tight-fitting models, air exchange is ensured, which has a balancing effect on the ''micro-climate'' of the humidor in the case of over-humidification. The humidity in the humidor is checked by means of a hygrometer.

The right humidity in the humidor

A humidor, among other components, always has a humidification system, which provides the ideal humidification of the air within the humidor. The humidity in the humidor should be between 65% and 72%. The temperature should be between 18 ° C and 24 ° C(relative humidity). In these humid spectrum, cigars retain their perfect consistency and can be stored for years.

Discover the various humidifying elements in the Zigarren Herzog to find the right items for your humidor.

Buy humidor from a cigar retailer

In the shop Zigarren Herzog, you can get table humidors, travel humidors, and humidor cabinets, which can be adapted perfectly to your personal life situation to ensure an optimal storage. When purchasing a humidor, consider various factors such as capacity, humidification, and appearance. If you have any questions about the right humidor or humidification system, do not hesitate to contact Zigarren Herzog—by phone or email. The famous humdior brands include: Adorini, Elie Bleu, Davidoff, Dunhill, Marc Andre and Guy Janot.

Find the right item today to store your cigar perfectly to secure a holistic taste experience. Choose other accessories such as cigar cutters, lighters, etc to complete the equipment. The shipping of the articles will take place as soon as possible.

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