Cigarillos & small cigars


The name ''Cigarillo'' comes from Spanish and can be translated as ''little cigar''. This is neverthelss the biggest difference from classic cigars. A cigarillo is often thinner than a cigar, but not much bigger than a cigarette. For a long time, cigarillos had to fight against their bad image, because in the past, they were often made from inferior tobacco, and the tobacco leafes were compressed from tobacco parts and mixed with binder.

Cigarillos and cigars—the difference

Cigarillos are available in shortfillers and longfillers. For the majority of the cigarillos, tobacco leaves are used for insert, binder, and coversheet, as in cigars. For the shortfillers, tobaccos are torn or cut. The length of the cigarillos is usually between 8 and 12 cm, and the diameter is 5 to 15 mm, which are significantly smaller than cigars. Tobaccos of about 3 mm are used to roll a cigarillo. The production is usually done by machine, which is rarely the case with cigars. Nor is it usual for cigarillos to sell in pieces. In most cases, cigarillos are bundled in cardboard boxes or in attractive tin boxes. Cigarillos are usually not stored in the humidor, while they should also have the right humidity. If cigarillos are stored together with cigars, the cigarillos can gain in flavor.

Cigarillos are smoked like this

As with cigars, the smoke of a cigarillo is not inhaled, but kept only in the oral cavity, before it is slowly blown out again. Cigarillos are available with or without filters. The average smoking time of a cigarillo is about 10 minutes, which makes it more suitable for everyday enjoyment.

The special taste of cigarillos

Cigarillos are very intense and have a certan sharpness, which is due to the small diameter of a cigarillo. Like cigars, cigarillos can have a great variety of tastes. Basically, one can distinguish cigarillos with natural or artificial flavors. The connoisseur can find the natural nuances of earthy, woody, nuty, sweet or fruity aromas according to their personal tastes. In addition, cigarillos are often artificially flavored with nuances of whisky, chocolate, cherry, mango, etc..

Cigarillos in the online shop of Zigarren Herzog

At Zigarren Herzog, you can find cigarillos of all famous cigar brands from different countries. The most well-known representatives of cigarillos come also from Cuba, just as cigars:

You can even find brands from Germany, such as Trüllerie, in our cigar shop.

In addition to cigars and cigarillos, the connoisseurs of cigarillos will also find important accesories such as lighter, humidor, cigar cutter; etc. If you have any questions, please just contact us. Our professional team will advise you in a best way. And the shipping is always ensured to be as fast as possible.

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