Macanudo cigarillos


The Dominican Republic offers high quality cigars and tasty cigarillos as Macanudos. The mild yet full-bodied Macanudo cigarillos are among the best-selling in the world and are known for their quality and continuity. For over 40 years, the finest Dominican and Mexican tobacco have been assimilated, which are perfectly matched. The result is the woody-spicy tobacco aroma of the Macanudo cigarillos. It is particularly suitable to cigarillo beginners due to the mild and soft taste of the Macanudo cigarillos. The Mini version of the Mini Macanudo cigar is ideal for a short break in between and therefore the perfect companion for everyday enjoyment.

Formats of Macanudo cigarillos

The Macanudo cigarillo is available in different formats, as well as flavors. They are in the formats of Mini Cigarillos, Ascots Cigarillos, Miniatures Cigarillos and Club Cigarillos, and they are offered in boxes of 8, 10 or 20 pieces, depending on the design. .


Zigarren Herzog offers the following formats of Macanudo cigarillos:

The unmistakable taste of Macanudo cigarillo

The Macanudo Cigarillo is a machine-made shortfiller cigarillo. The Macanudo cigarillo is covered by a dark natural cover sheet, which is from San Andrés Valley in Mexico. The insert is consist of a fine-tuned tobacco blend from the Dominican Republic and Mexico. The tobacco provides an unmistakable taste and the woody-spicy aroma of Macanudo cigarillo can be enjoyed piece by piece. With a good burn, the exceptional tobacco taste of the Macanudo Cigarillo can be guaranteed for up to a quater of an hour.

Zigarren Herzog - the specialist dealer for your own personal smoking pleasure

Certainly, Zigarren Herzog not only offers Macanudo cigarillos, but also cigars from the world-famous Macanudo brand from the Domenican Republic. And of course, the quality and variety of the different tobacco compositions are the top priority here as well. With the richess of the aroma, the Macanudo cigar offers an unforgettable smoking pleasure for every aficionado.

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