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Zigarren Herzog is your specialist dealer for high-quality cigars and cigarillos. Whether you are in one of our Berlin shops or browsing our online cigar shop - you can easily purchase cigars along with their matching accessories. Having high quality and a wide, exquisite selection of cigar products is of utmost importance to us. All employees of Zigarren Herzog are true, passionate cigar lovers themselves, ensuring that they can give you the best advice possible. We carry well-known Cuban cigar brands such as Montecristo, Cohiba and Romeo y Julieta. We also offer Dominican and Brazilian cigars in our online shop, aswell as tasty cigars from Honduras. Let cigars from all over the world be comfortably delivered to your home!

A small lesson on cigars

Cigars are one of the world’s oldest delicacies and have certainly not lost any of their appeal. For many people cigars- along with the exploration of different brands and flavors, has become a real hobby. We would like to give you some interesting basics about cigars.

Cigars - a luxury product with a long history

The origin of cigars can be found in South America. Tobacco has been consumed here for several thousand years, for example in tobacco pipes, smoking tobacco was often associated with spiritual ceremonies. With the beginning of colonial times, cigars spread beyond South America. Although Christopher Columbus had already experienced tobacco, its popularity was not widespread until the 18th century. Sailors would bring Cuban cigars to North American areas, where the first plantations were established. 

Word origin of the cigar

It is not possible to determine how the name "cigar" originated. One theory says that the word cigar derived from the Spanish word "cigarro", from which the origin is thought to lie with the Mayans. The word "cigar" or "zicar" meant "smoking tobacco". A second theory says that the name cigar is derived from the Spanish "cigarra", which refers to "cicada", an elongated shape. Until a spelling reform in 1902, the spelling of cigar was customary in German-speaking countries.

What's a cigar?

Cigars are a luxury product rolled out of tobacco leaves. Cigars are lit at one end; the smoke is taken in through the mouth at the other end. There are many different techniques among which the smoker must find the right one.

A cigar consists of three basic elements: the wrapper, the insert and the wrapper, which together are responsible for the taste of the cigar. The cover sheet determines the appearance of the cigar and determines the classification of the cigar (e. g. Habanos or Brasil). It does not matter which region the other components come from. The middle layer of a cigar is called the wrapper, which is responsible for additional firmness. The inlay forms the core of the cigar and can consist of different types of tobacco. This also results in the classification of cigars into short fillers, medium fillers and long fillers.

Shortfiller Cigar

Shortfillers also include cigarillos. These are often machine-made. The insert consists of individual small tobacco leaves. This makes a short filler more suitable for short and everyday smoking pleasure.

Medium Filler Cigars

Medium-filler cigars are the perfect link between shortfiller and longfiller cigars, which are partially machine-made and partially hand-made. The core of these cigars is produced from remains of the larger tobacco leaves. These true, premium cigars can also be found in this category, but below you can find the prices of longfiller cigars.

Longfiller Cigars

Longfiller cigars are the highest quality tier available among the cigars. Here whole tobacco leaves are hand-rolled by so-called "torcedores", this gives the cigar lover a unique pleasure that is suitable for a special occasion.

Shop online for cigars from all over the world

In addition to the different cigar insets, the origin of the tobacco also plays a decisive role in the enjoyment of smoking. Cuban cigars are probably even well-known among non-smokers, as they stand for the highest quality. The most popular cigar brands among cuba cigars are Cohiba, Bolivar and Montecristo. The Dominican Republic also stands for the production of good cigars with first-class flavours- Davidoff and Balmoral being the most popular brands here. Zigarren Herzog also offers the finest cigars from Nicaragua, Mexico, Honduras, Brazil, Panama and the Canary Islands. Even European cigar brands from countries such as Germany, Belgium and Italy can be ordered from us.

Finding the right cigar

It is not easy to find the right cigar to suit your own taste, as each cigar stands for its own variety of flavours facing you with an almost infinite choice. The individual countries of origin of each cigar already gives an indication of the taste. True cigar connoisseurs can distinguish between nuances of taste from sweet to sour. There are also aromas such as earthy, woody, chocolatey and many other. The different formats such as Robusto, Corona, Toro, Torpedo and Churchill also have an impact on the smoking time and thus on the overall smoking experience.

The team of Zigarren Herzog cigars will happily assist you in the process of choosing your own favourite cigar. If required, the cigars can be inspected on site- cigar tastings are regularly held in our Berlin cigar shops, where we provide you with comprehensive advice. There are also sampler sets of cigar brands at Zigarren Herzog, along with individual sets for you, so you can test out the cigars and formats to your liking.

Professional storage of cigars in the humidor

Once you have found the right cigar, you should make sure it is properly stored, the storage is especially important if you order cigars by the case or have a sample with several cigars. A humidor is always a good choice, humidors are containers made of wood that are available in a variety of sizes ranging small boxes to entire cabinets. The word humidor is derived from Latin and means "moist", as humidors ensure that the tobacco can be stored under a constant temperature and humidity.

In our shop, you will find humidors from selected brands such as Elie Bleu and Guy Janot, that offer you the choice between humidor cabinets, table humidors and humidors for travel.

Buying cigars online - easy and convenient

In the onlineshop of Zigarren Herzog you will find our high-quality cigar selection from different countries. All cigars are carefully selected and always stored professionally. Every order is dispatched as quickly as possible and delivered comfortably to your home. In addition to cigars, Herzog cigars also include cigarillos and first-class accessories such as humidors, humidifiers, lighters and much more. Order today!

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