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El Sitio-Everthing from an island

With "El Sitio", the tobacco farmer Don Antonio wants to make the La Palma, which is in the Canary island, Europe's Cuba.

Puro- in the broad sense, it is an expression for a cigar from 100% tobacco, and in the narrow sense, it is the expression for a cigar whose leaves totally originate from a provenance.

For centuries, Cuba was the only country and the only island in which tobaccos for inlay, binder and cover page grow in such good quality to establish and nurture the worldwide myth of the "Havana".

Everthing from an island—Antonio Gonzáles Garcia, the tobacco farmer in the La Palma, one of the Canary Islands, dreamed that for decades. As his colleagues and peers went into retirement at the age of 65, he began to cultivate the rudimentary and wide Pelo d'Oro (Gold hair) at around 2000.

16 years later, Antonio Gonzáles was now 81 and was reverently called "Don", planted the plants under the gauze cloths which made the production increase by a factor of 20. Although they are only a few thousand boxes per year, but a beginining has been made.

El Sitio - vintage cigars for Germany

The Finca Tabaquera El Sitio, which has the same name of cultivation and production of the Canarian cigar, has announced that from now on only "vintage cigars" will be delivered to Germany.

They are cigars, whose tobaccos come only from one region, we know. They are cigars, which are limited because of the amount of the tobacco, too. They are cigars, whose tobaccos originate from just one year, which are extremely rare.

El Sitio will now be the first Canarian tobacco manufactury that brings such vintage cigars to the German market.

At around the turn of the millenium, the Canarian tobacco farmer Antonio Antonio Gonzáles Garcia started cultivating the wild Pelo d'Oro (golden hair) in the Canary Islands. In a coures of a decade, it became a respectable cigar which lacked only one thing: a critical amount that promotes reputation. Only a small circle of dedicated cigar smokers could be supplied in recent years.

In recent years, the production volume has increased to about 40, 000 plants. They are plants for insert, cover and cover sheet. These plants are enough to roll a few thousand boxes of cigars which are from an island (La Palma) in a year.


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