Cuba Cigars

Cuban cigars with tradition

Since Columbus discovered cigar rolling in Cuba in 1492, the Caribbean island has been a synonym for cigars. Cuba is the birthplace of cigar production. The great boom of Havana did not begin until the first half of the 19th century, when many Europeans began to start production in Cuba, such as the Hupmann brothers from Hamburg or the Dutchman Gustav Bock, who used the cigar ring as an advertising medium for the first time. A cigar is considered "Havana" (or today also "Habano") if it was rolled from Cuban tobaccos in Havana. Today, this concept of quality has become softened and Cuban cigars that have not been processed in Havana (for example in Santiago de Cuba) are also referred to as "Havannas".

The world's best tobacco from Cuba

Cuban tobacco is considered the benchmark for all other tobacco-growing regions thanks to its exclusive flavours. Just as wine from the Bordeaux region is considered as the best among the plants, Cuban cigars are considered as the best in the world of cigars. Why this is so is not only due to the history of Cuban tobacco, but also to a special melting point which, when enjoying Havana, creates a unique "feeling of saturation" which is not reached by other provenances-This feeling has nothing to do with taste.

The fact that Cuba produces exclusively "Puros" is another quality factor that distinguishes Cuban cigars. Puro is not only the Spanish word for cigar par excellence, but also refers to a cigar made from tobacco of a single origin. Other provenances are almost always mixed.

Cuban cigars: the variety of brands

Since the victory of the Cuban Revolution in 1959, the diversity of brands on the island of Cuba has shrunk considerably from around 800 brands. But even today the major world brands such as Romeo y Julieta or Upmann can still be attributed to Cuban cigars. Zigarren Herzog carries the following brands of cigars from Cuba:

The taste - Cuban variety

Cuba has a lot to offer in terms of taste, this is not surprising since no other country is characterized by such a large number of successful companies in the cigar industry. Cuban cigars represent strong, spicy aromas thanks to the very strong rolling and the ideal climate conditions in Cuba to produce such an aromatic tobacco.

A particularly popular Cuban brand is the Romeo y Julieta. They are handmade cigars whose tobaccos are from the famous Vuelta Abajo region and are distinguished by the aromatic notes of nut, chocolate and wood, along with roasting aromas which round off the taste. The Romeo y Julieta Petit Churchill aroma is made up of flavours of leather and cedar wood, combined with sweet Cuban pepper. The Romeo y Julieta Belicosos cigars, on the other hand, provide nutty and coffee aromas.

Buy Cuban cigars from a specialist dealer

The cigars in the online shop of the Zigarren Herzog are from all over the world, which meet the highest standards of cigars. In addition to our large selection of cigars from Cuba, we also have Cuban cigarillos, along with suitable Cuban cigar accessories and many other items.

In addition to our Cuban cigars such as the Robustos, Piramides Extra, and Panetelas, our shop also carries a variety of other high-quality cigars from countries such as the Dominican Republic, Brazil or Nicaragua. Every cigar is carefully stored in a professional way, so that you can get the best cigars possible. Feel free to browse through our shop!


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