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Cohiba is probably one of the world's best-known cigar brands, which is also known among non-smokers. The top-quality cuban product radiates luxury due to its long tradition and superior quality. Various cover sheets and formats such as Robustos, Piramides and Toros complete the Cohiba brand portfolio. Today you can also get articles such as humidors and lighters, designed by Cohiba.

Cohiba - a brand with tradition

According to a legend, Fidel Castro also recognized the high quality of the Cohiba in 1963, after he was given a cigar by his bodyguard Chicho and from then on had it rolled for him by Eduardo Rivera. The famous Lanceros Castro's cigar was believed to have been the favourite. From 1964 onwards, these cigars were served as a gift for diplomats and foreign heads of state and were produced exclusively for them. The cigars are named Cohiba after an assistant of Eduardo Rivera. The term Cohiba was taken from the Taino Indians, who used it to describe the tobacco leaf wrap smoked by the indigenous people.

In 1967 the Cohiba cigars went into production at the El Laguito Manufacture, where the Habanos are still hand-produced by the very best torcedores. It is rumoured that the manufactory receives a privilege to select the tobacco leaves of the yearly harvest. The state cigar manufacturer Habanos SA distributes the cigars.

In the 1980s, the Cohiba brand also entered the European market for formats that were very much in fashion at the time and has since then adapted very successfully to the taste of the public.

Cohiba - the taste of Cuba

The Cohiba cigars are among the highest quality Cuban cigars, which offer an extraordinary and special smoking pleasure due to a special triple fermentation of the tobacco.

The different Cohiba series and formats are suitable for every cigar lover’s needs. Cohiba cigars are especially appealing due to their rich aroma and balanced flavour, balancing between mild and spicy flavours.

The stars undoubtedly are the Lanceros, Esplendidos and Robustos cigars. The Siglo (Spanish = century), a new generation of cigars has been added to this group. These cigars are now available in six different sizes. The Siglo range has undoubtedly enriched the brand's range of flavours, with further full-bodied, spicy and long-lasting aromas. Beginners can also be appropriately baptized with the Exquisitos cigars.

The Cohiba Lines

Basically, four different Cohiba brand lines exist. The first is the Linea Clasica with cigars in six different formats:

An Exquisitos cigar can be described as small "panetelas", due to their very slim format. This slim cigarillo format is typical for panetelas, which are more suitable for a short smoking-pleasure. It is different with a Robustos cigars, which are a popular Cuban cigar with a smoking time of about 60 minutes. Overall, the Robustos are to be classified as strong. Piramides Extra are 160.00mm long and therefore also offer a very long and special smoking pleasure.

These Cohiba cigars can be classified as medium to strong.

The Siglo series is very popular with Havana friends. In 2003, the Siglo VI cigar was launched on the market in Canonazo format.

In 1992, the Linea 1492, consisting of five formats, was introduced to the market on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of Columbus' long voyage of discovery. The Cohibas of this linea are to be classified as intermediate strength.

Since 2007, the Linea Maduro 5 has also been made available, consisting of three formats (Secretos, Magicos and Genios), which are characterised by their very dark and covers that have ripened for atleast five years. The Linea Maduro 5 can be classified as medium to strong.

The Linea Behike was last introduced in 2010 with three different formats (Behike 52,54 and 56) and is still the most exclusive line of the Cohiba brand. The special feature is the Medio Tiempo Tobacco, which is very rare in its infusion and guarantees an extraordinary and intense aromatic taste. The Linea Behike cigar is very tasty.

All Cohiba cigar formats are totalemente a mano, tripa larga and completely hand-made longfiller. Almost every Cuban cigar can be bought from Herzog in Tubo or as a box - the choice is yours.

Buy Cohiba cigars at a specialist dealer

The onlineshop Zigarren Herzog have cigars from all over the world that meet the highest standards. You can also purchase Cohiba cigarillos, the matching Cohiba accessories and many other items in the online shop of Zigarren Herzog. For loyal, Cohiba fans, Zigarren Herzog offers a Cohiba Car Humidor and lighters in Cohiba design. We are happy to advise you on any cigar, humidor or other items.

It is worth mentioning that the first Cohiba Aniversario 50 Humidor, one of 50 produced, was auctioned for 320,000 US dollars during the Habanos Festival in the spring of 2016.

In addition to our Cuban cigars such as Robustos, Piramides Extra and Panetelas, Zigarren Herzog also offers tasty cigars from countries such as the Dominican Republic, Brazil and Nicaragua. Each cigar is expertly stored by Herzog to make sure you only get the best quality cigars. Feel free to browse through our shop!

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