H. Upmann Cigars

This brand belongs to the Cuban cigars and was founded by two Hupmann brothers. The two bankers, Hermann and August, travelled to Cuba in 1843 with an aim of opening a bank. They learned quickly how to appreciate the high quality Cuban cigars and began to be active in the tobacco business one year later. Each of their bank customer would receive a Cuban cigar as a present. To save the cigars, they made cigar boxes for their customers and the business boomed. Since the alphabet 'H' in the Spanish is voiceless, the name of the brand quickly became H. Upmann – whereby the H in this case stands for the Spanish word 'Hermanos' (in German: brothers).

As early as 1891, the Upmann had been considered as one of Cuba's largest cigar factories. But success does not last forever. In the 1920s, the bank of Upmann and their cigar production went bankrupt. The successful cigar brand had to be sold and succumbed to a rather unsuccesful continuation. A few years later, the whole factory was sold again. This time, however, was to the successful business men Freemann and Menendez. The Upmann cigars experienced another success under their leadership. The world famous brand Montecristo also belongs to one of their two cigar repertoires.

H. Upmann - Cuban cigars from Vuelta Abajo

The H. Upmann cigars are made of the best tobaccos and always by hand. The tobaccos which are used to make Hupmmann cigars are from Vuelta Abajo, probably the most popular cigar planting region in the world. The result is, the mild to medium premium cigars are with slightly earthy aromas.

What is unique about H. Upmann cigars is that they are very good after mature. Even after long time storage in the humidor, the cigars could still preserve their high quality.

The Cigar Formats

The assortment of the brand offers a wide range of formats. Both the classic formats, like the Coronas, and the unique formats will delight the cigar beginners and cigar lovers. The humidor is also firmly integrated into the product range. In the online shop of Zigarrenherzog, there are the following Cuban H. Upmann products:

This cigar is rather light, and is particularly suitable for beginners. In addition to the Petit Coronas, Zigarren Herzog also offers many more Coronas.

This cigar offers the largest format of earthy spicy aromas with nuances of pepper. It is something special, wether it is a single cigar, or as a box of 25 cigars.

The Connoisseur is described as a medium-strong cigar with sweet aromas.

No matter for the beginners or for the cigar lovers, the woody aromas mixed with earthly flowery nuances mean a great flavor.

The Majestic cigars are considered to be very popular. The creamy aromas and the light nuances of grass and hay make the taste of this cigar. Cigar lovers can choose to enjoy a single cigar or a Majestic crate of 25 cigars.

Buying H. Upmann Cigars at the Specialist Zigarren Herzog

At Zigarren Herzog, you can buy cigars from all over the world. All our cigars, whether they are from Cuba, the Dominican Republic or Brazil, meet the highest standards. Accessories such as humidors or humidifying elements are also included to complete the smoking experience.

If you have any questions about the Upmann brand cigars or accessories such as the humidors, you can contact with Zigarren Herzog at any time.


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