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La Gloria Cubana was founded in 1855 by the Sociedad Cabanas y Casto and has been thus considered as one of the oldest Cuban cigar brands. Even if the owner has been frequently changed, the brand has never lost its good quality.

The first change of ownership took place in 1905. Jose Fernando Rocha, the founder of Bolivar, and a valuable pioneer of cigars, bought this brand and continued it until his death. Since the brand had enjoyed great popularity at that time, the Cifuentes Family showed an interest and took over both the production of the La Gloria Cubana and the Bolivar cigars to the Partagas manufactory. But also this family did not last long as an owner, because all cigar brands were passed to the property of the Cuban government in the 1960s. The production came to a halt after a short time and was only resumed a few years later. Since then, however, only relatively small amounts cigars of the brand have been produced. Therefore, the brand is considered special and are known especially to experienced cigar lovers.

Special cigars from Cuba

La Gloria Cubana's assortment is made up of Longfiller cigars, which are always made by hand. Among the varieties of sizes, the Longfiller with a length of 23cm is the longest cigar you can find. The mild taste can be described as particularly sweet and aromatic, which grants a long smoking experience. Because of their mildness, La Gloria Cubana is especially recommended to lovers of cuban cigars; however, they are also suitable for beginners.

La Gloria Cubana at Zigarren Herzog

In our shop, you can get selected formats of this cigar brand, which always meet the highest quality.

This Longfiller in the Lonsdale format promises a 60-minitue smoking pleasure with flavors of earth and wood. You can buy this format as a single cigar or as a box of 10 pieces from us.

The Medal d'Or No. 4 Cigar is in the Palmitas format and has a very noble present. The processed gold foil highlights, particularly in the series of Medaille d’Or, that the La Gloria Cubana is one of the luxurious brands of Cuban cigars.

In our online shop you could get the finest cigars from all over the world. Whether they are more high-quality Cuban cigars, or those from other countries, like the Dominican Republic, or Nicaragua. For all cigars, attention has been paid to the best quality and optimal storage. Other accessories, such as humidor, ashtrays, or humdifying elements are also offered to perfect your smoking pleasure.

If you have questions about a particular cigar, or about accessories like the matching humidor, please feel free to write to us. We are happy to help you with our knowledge and share our passion for cigars with you.

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