Dominican Republic Cigars


The Dominican cigars owe their triumph to a series of first-class tobacco specialists and cigar rollers from Cuba. Although the Dominican Republic did not start its cigar production until 1970s, it is regarded as the world learder of cigars now.

Premium cigars of the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is not only known for its beautiful beaches, but it is also considered as a first-class tobacco producer. Both the quality of the cigars, and the quantity in the form of many established cigar brands, make the Dominican Republic so special. Up to 400 brands offer cigar lovers a wide range of flavors and tastes. Some of the Dominican cigars contain the so-called Cuban-Seed tobacco. This is obtained from certain seeds of Cuban plants. While nowadays almost all Dominican cigars are produced in the Dominican Republic, in earlier times they were also produced in other islands, such as Jamaica.

Popular brands of the cigar island

The Dominican Republic has many cigar brands. At Zigarren Herzog, we have the following famous brands from the Dominican Republic:

In addition to many series produced as Blend, Arturo Fuente is one of the few which own the famous Opus X cigar series, which are rolled 100% from Dominican tobaccos. The Patoro cigars are produced in small quantities at the highest level of craftsmanship as Blend and offered in selected speicalist shops.

Good Dominican cigars & a unique taste

The Dominican Republic cigars have a great variety of flavors and strengths. Usually, Dominican cigars are made of a blend of leaves of different provenances, for example, the insert sheets from the Dominican Republic, the Umblatt from Mexico and the cover sheet from the USA (Connecticut Shade).

This makes it possible for both beginners and cigar lovers to find a suitable cigar from it. The gentle Dominicon cigar from the province of Santo Domingo is particularly attractive for beginners due to its lightness. Just as good is the Davidoff Winston Churchill Petit, which tastes very mild. For experienced smokers, the brand of Balmoral provides stronger, spicy flavors with their Dominican Royal Selection or Anejo series.

Dominican cigars from the dealer

At Zigarren Herzog, you will find cigars from all over the world which meet the highest standards. In addition to our wide selection of cigars from the Dominican Republic, we also offer Dominican cigarillos, matching cigar accessories such as lighters and humidors and many other items. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any item you are interested.

In addition to our Dominican cigars such as the Robusto cigar, the Churchill cigar, Panetelas, etc., you will also find many other high-quality cigars from other countries as Cuba, Brazil or the Canary Islands in our shop. With every cigar we guarantee a professional storage, so that you will receive only the best cigars. You are welcome to browse our shop!

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