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Balmoral, founded in 1985, producer of exclusive cigars, is the only independent cigar manufacturer in the Netherlands. Whether premium cigars, cigarillos or shortfiller variants--the product variety of the Balmoral brand has something for every cigar lover with formats such as Corona, Small Panatela or Tubos.

Balmoral cigars - the Dominican Republic

The Balmoral brand was created around 1900 in the Netherlands, a center of first-class cigars. At that time, there were hundreds of small tobacco factories producing high qualiy cigars across all over the world. The name of the brand Balmoral is from the Castel "Balmoral"in Scotland, which was the Scottish residence of the British royal family in Victorian times. At first, it only sold cigarillos and shortfillers, but now it offers a wide selection of top tobaccos and cigars.

Balmoral - three tasteful lines

Meanwhile, the master blender of the brand Balmoral, Willem van Overveld, has created three different cigar lines that are fundamentally different from each other.

  • Balmoral Dominican Selection
  • Balmoral Anejo Selection
  • Balmoral Royal Selection

Balmoral Dominican Selection

The cigarillos, Small Panatela and the Corona of the Dominican Selection, each has a cover sheet of Eduadorian tobacco and a binder of Olor tobacco, which is provided from the Dominican Republic. In general, the contributing countries of the Dominican Selection are Brazil, Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

Formats of the Dominican Selection are Balmoral Small Panatela, Balmoral Corona, Balmoral Mini Cigarillos, etc.. These Balmorals are also available as a whole collection or as tubos and can be stored well in the humidor.

The Balmoral Anejo Selection

The latest series of this Balmoral line "Anejo" came to the market in 2015, with the Balmoral Añejo XO considered to be the successor of the succesful Balmoral series Añejo 18. As initially the tobaccos were limited, a quick sell-off took place due to the high cigar demand. Balmoral therefore decided to create an identitcal mix. Like its predecessor, the "new Balmoral Anejo Selection" consists of mature tobacco varieties and the special 18-year-old Arapiraca wrapper.

Formats of the Balmoral Anejo Selection are: the Balmoral Anejo XO Torpedo, Balmoral Anejo XO Petit Robusto FT, and Balmoral Anejo XO Rothschild Masivo.

The Balmoral Royal Selection

Balmorals Royal Selection is distinguished in particular by its different cover sheets. The cigars are divided into the two series of Claro and Maduro. Thanks to the very high standards, this selection-whether long filler or short filler-can be attributed to premium cigars. The Dominican Republic promises with cigars such as the Reserva Corona, Robusto Claro or the Pantanela Maduro a special aroma to the last piece.

The formalities of the Royal Selection include: Balmoral Corona Claro, Balmoral Rubusto Claro, Balmoral Reserva Corona, Balmoral Corona Maduro, Balmoral Panatela Maduro, Balmoral Reserva Toro, Balmoral Churchill Claro, Balmoral Panatela Claro, Balmoral Robusto Maturo.

Balmoral - the aroma of the Dominican Republic

The variety of Balmoral cigars offers something for everyone. Thanks to the three tasteful lines whose flavor ranges from mild to medium-aromatic, both beginners and experienced cigar lovers can enjoy the brand. And each of the series brings a completely individual pleasure.

Both the Balmoral cigars of the Dominican Selection, and the Royal Selection have a mild, nutty flavor. There are cigars perfectly for "beginner", such as the Churchill Tubos of the Dominican Selection with their very mild aroma of coffee and cocoa, or the Small Panatela with rather sweet flavor.

Contrary to these mild flavors, the Royal Selection also provides medium-strong cigars. Both the Panatela Maduro and the Corona Maduro, have a sweet and very heavy taste.

In contrast, the spicy Balmoral Anejo series spoil smokers with pleasant woody flavors. Such beautiful and balanced spicy flavor are perfect as an evening cigar. For example, the combination of the Anejo XO Corona with a spicy Chardonnay is a top recommendation here.

Zigarren Herzog - cigars from the dealer

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If you have further questions about the Balmoral Dominican Selection, Anejo Selection, or Royal Selection, please feel free to contact us.


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