Davidoff Cigars

Davidoff cigars are one of the most famous cigar brands in the world. The Davidoff brand includes a wide range of aromatic cigars in various formats, which tries to offer the right thing for every cigar lover. Here, the highest standards of quality are met, which have their origin in the long traditon of cigar making.

Davidoff Cigars - from Cuba to the Dominican Republic

In 1911, the Davidoff family left for Geneva due to the growing anti-Jewish sentiment in Kief. In Geneva, the father (Henri Davidoff) opened a tobacco shop, where Zino Davidoff learned how to mix tobaccos. Then Zino Davidoff went to the Central and South America for a while. But he was especially impressed by Cuba, and learned the production of cigars there.

Back to Geneva, he expanded the family business and in addition to the selling of cigars, he developed humidors. The business grew rapidly and soon became the most popular address for cigars in Geneva. Before Paris was conquered, he bought a stock of two million Havanas. So even during the World War II, the Cuban cigars were "available".After the end of the war, he finally produced cigars in Havana himself, and named them after big French chateaus (such as Rothschild, Latour etc.).

In 1970, Zino Davidoff sold his company to the Basel Commpany Oettinger Imex AG: Then he became an ambassador for the brand and the face of the company. In the mid-1970s, the US imposed the economic embargo on Cuba. Then Davidoff and his partner Ernst Schneider decided to break a new ground and sell tobaccos from Honduras under the brand of Zino.

In 1989, Davidoff's collaboration with the Cuban ended. Then the production of the cigars was relocated to the Dominican Republic. Gradually, Davidoff and Dr. Schneider created new lines that are still in the portfolio (Milie, Classic, and Gran Gru).

Untill today, the company Oettinger is family-owned and now has 3700 employees.

The right cigar for every taste

For Davidoff cigars, only high-quality varieties of tobaccos are used and the highest standards of quality are met, so they can only be labled as a premium brand. All cigars are rolled by hand by Torcedores in the Dominican Republic. The brand portfolio includes numerous series. For example, you can get the following series in Zigarren Herzog:

  • Davidoff Classic Series
  • Davidoff Mille series
  • Davidoff Escurio series
  • Davidoff Royal Realease Series
  • Davidoff Special Series
  • Davidoff Winston Churchill series
  • Davidoff Millennium Blend series

In the meantime, the range of Davidoff's products has expanded, and new lines from Nicaragua and Brazil have been added.

Each cigar and serie have their own advantages. The taste of the cigars ranges from mild to strong, and also the duration of the smoking time can be adjusted perfectly to respective preference by respective format.

Find your favorite cigars made by Davidoff at our online shop.

Buy Davidoff cigars

The Davidoff cigars are impressive with their high quality. They are optimized through several processes during the production. In 2005, there were 53 Davidoff shops and almost 500 contract partners worldwide.

Under the brand of Davidoff, there are not only cigars, cigarillos, and tobacco for pipes, but also the fineset accessories and equipments, such as:

  • cigar cutter
  • humidors
  • lighters
  • cases

At Zigarren Herzog, the cigars can be easily delivered to your home. Zigarren Herzog always ensures a perfect storage of the cigars in the humidors. For a true cigar lover, the purchase of your own humidor is also worthwhile. We are cigar dealers with passion, always happy to assist you in choosing the right cigar, humidor, etc. Just get in touch with us! Please enjoy browsing through the large selection of cigars in our shop!

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