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The Dominican Republic, along with Cuba, is one of the best known countries for the porduction of high quality cigars. Because here, too, the best conditions for the cultivation of tobacco prevail. Some brands are submerged in the whirlpool of the big brands, yet they should be given duel attention. We will introduce the brands here.

Private Stock Cigars - handmade and aromatic

All Private Stock cigars are handmade in the Dominican Republic. The tobacco is cultivated in Santiago and the surrounding area, combinine with leaves from Ecuador. This distinguishes the Pravate Stock cigars by a balanced blend of spiciness and fine mildness. Private stock cigars (Mediumfiller and Longfiller) can be described as medium strong and are also suitable for beginners.

Two lines-cigars for everyone

The Dominican cigar brand Private Stock includes two lines--mediumfillers and longfillers--which are available in different formats. So every lover will find the right cigar for themselves.

Private Stock Mediumfiller cigars

The midiumfiller cigar is the cheaper alternative of the private stock cigars. They were among the first mediumfiller cigars in Germany and distinguished for their very pleasant taste.

A mediumfiller cigar is characterized in that it is predominantly handmade. There are no whole tobacco leaves used in the production, but also no small snippets, as is the case with the shortfiller. The tobaccos used in the manufacturing are those which are left during the production of the longfiller cigars. They too, have a great taste. Cover and binder are made as in the case of the longfiller cigars from a whole tobacco leaf. Therefore, the mediumfiller cigars are a perfect combination of price and enjoyment and are thus the perfect everyday cigar.

Private Stock Longfiller cigars

Longfiller cigars are the premium version of the Private Stock cigars which are suitable for special occasion.

Longfiller means that all components of a cigar (liner, cover sheet, binder) consist of whole tobacco leaves. This ensures a variety of aromas, as is the case with longfiller cigars. The different leaves and aromas are released with the smoking process, resulted a holistic and speical smoking experience.

Unselected ungraded

In addition, the Private Stock Longfiller products are classified as "unselected & ungraded". This means that the color of the cover sheet, the curl and even the diameter can vary slightly among individual cigars. But that doesn't mean that you have bought an inferior cigar. Even with the Private Stock cigars is of the highest quality and best tobacco. 

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