Flor de Copán cigars

Cigars from Honduras are appreciated by many aficionados. The cigars of the Flor de Copan brand are among the most popular in Germany. "Flor de Copan" means "flower of Copan" and so is the character of these cigars. They are characterized by mild and varied aromas. Supposedly, the Mayas have already had the special benefit of the tasteful tobacco, which is due to the particularly fertile soil of Honduras.

Flor de Copan - Cigar enjoyment from Honduras

The cultivation area of the Flor de Copan cigars is located on the coast of South America and is also known for its high-quality coffee and tasty bananas. The cultivation of tobacco has gained momentum in recent years and is becoming increasingly popular. Flor de Copan cigars are made in Honduras in one of the best tobacco growing areas - as the name suggests: Copan. Especially the regions around the city of Santa Rosa de Copan are famous for their excellent soil, which forms the basis for the high-quality of Flor de Copan cigars.

For a very long time, the Rio Copan River regularly flooded the surrounding areas, making the soil particularly rich in minerals. In addition, the rock strata of volcanic origin make the taste of Flor de Copan cigars so unique. Even the temperate of the tropical climate plays a significant role in the successful cultivation of tobacco.

The tobacco factory in Santa Rosa de Copan alone is a visiting sight because of the colonial style. In addition to the Flor de Copan cigars, other high-quality brands are manufactured here.

The taste of a Flor de Copan cigar

The Flor de Copan cigars generally are quite mild and are still handmade today. You will find cigars manufactured in the formats of Corona, Churchill and Toro et al. Tubovariants are also available. The special feature is that each cigar is wrapped in thin cedar wood and the abdominal ligaments are designed with special dedication. So these cigars are already a visual highlight.

Flor de Copan includes the following three cigar series:

Classic series

This Flor de Copan series is characterized by a gentle to medium-strong smoking pleasure and is therefore particularly suitable for beginners. The insert is a tobacco blend of domestic tobacco and tobacco from Nicaragua. The cover sheet is a so-called Connecticut Shade cover sheet from Ecuador. The flavors are extremely varied and range from creamy-nutty to leathery-woody.

Maduro series

The cigars of this series are mixed tobaccos from Honduras and Nicaragua, the cover sheet is of Mexican origin. The smoking pleasure is very spicy and sweet at the same time. It contains aromas of chocolate and conifers.

Linea Puros

In Linea Puros, whose tobacco is truely from Honduras, which come exclusively from the area of Santa Rosa de Copan. The cigars are classified as medium to strong. The Linea Puros can be characterized by a creamy to light sweetness with hints of pepper and earth. In 2008, the series received the award of the "Cigar Trophy - Best Brand Honduras 2008". It is especially suitable for the more experienced smoker.

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